Apparently there are people who don’t like halva. Sweet Hawo’s sesame halva will win the hearts of the even unconvinced persons. We combined the characteristic taste of sesame with a sweet hint of vanilla. As always, we used the best ingredients so as not to destroy this unique taste. In addition, the hand-making of the products guarantees a halva texture that you won’t find anywhere else.
This taste cannot be forgotten! Our unique chocolate-halva block is made of the best products: milk chocolate, our halva and cookies. Everything is handmade from an original recipe from the 1970s. Be warned, it’s hard to stop with one piece of this sweet temptation.
Sweet, colourful, fruit jelly is a memory of a carefree childhood. Sweet Hawo jellies are holiday colours and a real fruit taste that cannot be imitated. Our jellies are made on the basis of traditional recipes and without any artificial enhancers. After all, why change something what we’ve like for many years?

We poured the best chocolate on our crisps, ground cherries and nuts. These innocent snacks just melt in your mouth. We recommend them for munching alone and in a group. They are easy to share with those we want to give a little sweet joy.

Plums in chocolate are a moment of pleasure for true connoisseurs. Sweet Hawo Plum is a whole, soft fruit immersed in delicate, brittle chocolate. We create everything by hand, with the greatest care for the product. Check it out for yourself, and you will never choose another plum.